Hind Oudrhiri


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The young architect Hind Oudrhiri takes a keen look at how people move and express themselves in the city. She is fascinated by the places where images come into being in the space between action and interpretation, and looks at the various art disciplines that can enrich her practice. For this project, Haouma, she is collaborating with the visual and sound artist Abdallah Rchidi, a member of the post-rock band Raskas.

‘Haouma’ means tour. In Moroccan Arabic, it is an allusion to ‘the neighbourhood’. This story is a tour of Casablanca, and those things that make up and influence the city. It is a stroll between the present and the past, between urban structures and the longing for chaos. Haouma is a series of stories that are intertwined; words that wander to the rhythm of the movements in the city.

Concept/video/text: Hind Oudrhiri
Music/sounddesign: Abdallah Rchidi
Supported by: The Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (AFAC), Moussem Nomadic Arts Centre Brussels, Centre National des ecritures de spectacle La Chartreuse Villeneuve Léz Avignon, L’Uzine, Fondation TAT Casablanca