Khadija El Bidaouia & Abderrahim Souiri


  • Bozar

Khadija El Bidaouia is one of the leading performers of Chaâbi and Ayta music. She began her musical career in 1979 and enjoyed fame both in Morocco and amongst the diaspora. Chaâbi, which means 'folk', is the preferred dance music in Morocco thanks to its vernacular use of language and new rhythms. Ayta is another Moroccan music genre that is chiefly practised in the Casablanca and Safi regions. These songs draw their inspiration from the everyday lives of ordinary people.

Abderrahim Souri grew up in a musical family, but his artistic career only began when he joined Haj Abdelkrim Raïs’ Arab-Andalusian orchestra. He is a versatile singer and master improviser, as well as a renowned and popular performer of Arab-Andalusian music. He has performed at the most prestigious concert halls, such as the Opera Garnier in Paris, and the Cairo Opera House, as well as in London, Singapore and Montreal.