Diwan Ennass + Hoba Hoba Spirit

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Diwan Ennass

The Moroccan residents of Brussels who make up Diwan Ennass breathe new life into the rich musical history of the Ghiwaniya movement. In the turbulent, autocratic Morocco of the 1970s, groups such as Nass El Ghiwane, Jil Jilala and Lamchahab brought about a veritable musical revolution. Their new type of protest song, with unprecedented harmonies, unusual rhythmic impulses and room for improvisation, created an entirely new connection with the audience. To this day, their influence on the new generations of Moroccan musicians is tangible. Diwan Ennass draws from this rich repertoire, but also perform their own compositions.

Hoba Hoba Spirit

‘A sharp, vibrant, and very nearly universal band’ - Washington Post

Hoba Hoba Spirit is often compared to bands like Mano Negra, The Clash or the Ramones. Their exciting mix of rock, chaâbi, hip hop, gnawa and reggae and militant, critical lyrics make them one of Morocco’s most popular acts. Thanks to their rock-solid live reputation, they have already appeared at leading international festivals, and they inspire audiences across the generations.