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This performance is a unique collaboration between the creator of the dance workspace Espace Darja; the choreographer and dancer Meryem Jazouli, and the famous composer, producer and jazz singer Malika Zarra.

Folkah! was born out of the desire to bring together two female performers around an ancestral dance of the Sahara, nowadays a danced and sung folklore: the Guedra. For this project a corporal and vocal language was developed that revisits the context, words and gestures of the Guedra, to invent a new frame of dialogue between body and voice. Starting from the structural elements of this dance full of with stories and meanings – attitudes, signs, codes, light, temporality – Folkah! explores possible breaks and deconstructions in order to develop the kind of extensions and excesses that are typical for a contemporary choreographic practice.

Concept and performed by: Meryem Jazouli 
Vocals and performed by: Malika Zarra 
Dramaturgist: Youness Anzane 
Light design: Melchior Delaunay
Costumes: Mehryl Levisse  

Coproduction : Espace Darja – Casablanca, Goethe Institut Marokko de Rabat, Afrikayna – Fonds Africa Art Lines pour la mobilité, Moussem Nomadic Arts Centre

In collaboration with: Festival Caravane Tighmert Hellerau – Centre Européen pour les Arts de Dresden Ecole des Sables – Toubab Dialaw Centro Cultural de Belem – Lisbonne (L'Uzine - Fondation TAT – Casablanca