Kabareh Cheikhats + DJ Guedra Guedra

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Kabareh Cheikhats

 Notre vie est semblable à cette bougie qui brûle et se sacrifie pour que les autres voient! - Shikha Aïcha

Kabareh Cheikhats is a most unusual musical and theatrical tribute to the tradition of the Cheikhats, the liberated female folk singers and dancers who, from the patriarchal perspective, have a bad reputation. These women openly dance and sing about injustice and about woman’s fate. Kabareh Cheikhats is made up of ten men who always dreamed of being a Cheikha. A real hit in Casablanca’s nightlife scene.

DJ Guedra Guedra

From psychedelic vintage to Global Bass. Producer, performer and sound artist Abdellah M Hassak, aka DJ Guedra Guedra, links East and West and North and South in his sets, which are injected with a Mediterranean undertone.