Nabil Ayouch


  • Bozar

    Avant-Première in the presence of the director and main actress and co-writer Maryam Touzani

in Arabic, with french and dutch subtitles

Razzia: Morocco, between the past and the present. Five people who are linked to one another without realising it: Abdallah, Salima, Joe, Hakim and Inès. Different people, a different battle, but one and the same breath. A single city, Casablanca.

Nabil Ayouch was born in Paris, but lives and works in Casablanca. In 1997 he made his first full-length film Mektoub, the Moroccan entry for the Oscars. After Ali Zaoua Prince of the Streets (2000), A Minute of Sun Less (2003) and Whatever Lola Wants (2007), he created the documentary My Land, about Palestinian exiles. Nabil Ayouch once again represented Morocco at the Oscars in 2012, this time with Horses of God, a story about the radicalisation of a young Moroccan and the consequences for his family. His seventh full-length film, the controversial Much Loved, is about the prostitutes of Marrakech.