Nabil Benabdeljalil & David Ramael with Boho Strings

Tableaux d'une âme, Tableaux de Casablanca

  • Bozar

Composer and musicologist Nabil Benabdeljalil has lived and worked successively in Kiev, Strasbourg and Amman. Since 2011, he has once again been based in Casablanca, where he also teaches musicology at the University of Hassan II. In his compositions, Benabdeljalil combines his classical training with his knowledge of the diverse Moroccan and Arab repertoire.

The renowned and socially engaged ensemble Boho Strings, lead by David Ramael, will be performing both existing compositions by Benabdeljalil and a creation written specially for the festival: Tableaux de Casablanca. For this new composition, he was inspired by the rural musical genre Ayta, and by the Andalusian and Amazigh traditions.