Nour Eddine Lakhmari


  • Bozar

    Film in the presence of the director

Zero - Amine Bertale, alias "ZERO", is a police officer who spends the majority of his time walking the streets of Casablanca with Mimi, a young prostitute. He is in constant confrontation with his father and his superior who humiliates him on a daily basis. Faced with this degrading and unbearable day to day existence, ZERO decides to turn the page.

Halfway through the eighties, Nour Eddine Lakhmari set off for Norway, where he made his first short films. He immediately started directing award-winning, silent stories featuring characters from the margins of Norwegian society: migrants, outcasts and loners, and was granted membership of the Oslo Film Academy. He currently lives and works in Casablanca. Le Regard, his first feature film, was released in 2005 and won a number of prizes. Casa Negra, the first part of his trilogy about Casablanca, came out in 2008, followed by Zero in 2012. Lakhamri has just completed this trilogy with his latest film BurnOut, whose cinema release was in October 2017.